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2024 Summer Lecture Series

All Talks Start at 6pm at the Greybull Public Library

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Welcome to the website for the Big Horn Basin Dinosaur and Geoscience

Museum. We aren’t a brick-and-mortar building but rather a group of local

paleontology and geology enthusiasts and scientists who want to create a dinosaur museum in

Greybull, Wyoming. Working with the local Town of Greybull, our organization is

seeking funding to acquire museum-quality casts of some of the most spectacular

dinosaurs in the world that were found right in our own backyard.


All of the major fossil discoveries made in our area, including Big Al 2, the world’s

most complete Allosaurus (a large meat-eating dinosaur that was the distant

cousin to the Tyrannosaurs rex) and “Sarah/Sophie” one of the three most

complete Stegosaurs (plant-eating dinosaurs with large boney plates on its back

and spikes on its tail) reside in some of the best dinosaur museums in the world,

but not here in Big Horn County. However, we are working to change that.


As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, we are dedicated to bringing back at least

a part of the science and discoveries that have made our area famous amongst

paleontologists. We hope, as you visit our website, that you can imagine some of

the ancient Jurassic world that our dinosaurs and ancient marine reptiles once

lived in and appreciate the beauty and scientific importance of these discoveries.


Please join us in helping to bring back a part of what our area has lost, and

consider supporting our efforts to educate people of their significance and to

expand our collection of fossils and casts and to find a bigger home for their

display. Help us “Bring’em Home.”


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