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The Big Horn Basin Dinosaur and Geoscience Museum (BHBDGM) has access to purchase several museum-quality full body casts of dinosaurs excavated from Big Horn County, and is organizing a donor campaign to do so. The BHBDGM currently has a collection of museum-quality casts of dinosaur tracks and actual fossilized impressions of dinosaur footprints as well as a variety of invertebrate fossils collected over the decades from the Big Horn Basin. The display of the BHBDGM’s collection plus the future casts and fossils we seek to acquire has been offered as a long-term loan to the Town of Greybull. The Town of Greybull is currently in a capital campaign that, if successful, would provide an adequate space for scientifically accurate displays in a reasonable timeframe. Continued relationships with the researchers and museums who are supporters of this effort could result in loans of other original and unique fossils from Big Horn County for display. The ultimate funding goal for the fossils, fossil reproductions, and displays the BHBDGM hopes to obtain is $400,000.

RGDT dinos.png

Our Funding Goal

BHBDGM hope to raise $400,000 for these five catagories 

Big Al 2

$100,000 (100% Funded)

World's most complete Allosaurus.


$100,000 (33% Funded)

One of the world’s most complete Stegosaurs.

Diplodocid HQ 1

$100,000 (0% Funded)

A species of long-neck sauropod.

Baby Toni

$25,000 (0% Funded)

A rare and nearly complete juvenile sauropod.


$75,000 (0% Funded)

Displays and background materials to explain the fossils and their discovery.


Help Support Us

Are you interested in helping preserve the history of Big Horn County and the incredible creatures that once roamed our lands? Your generous donations make it possible for us to continue expanding our collection of museum-quality fossils and displays.

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