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The Big Horn Basin Dinosaur and Geoscience Museum (BHBDGM) seeks to obtain four full-body museum-quality mounts of Late Jurassic dinosaurs excavated from two quarries north of Shell, Wyoming.  Three of the four mounts will cost approximately $100,000 each. The fourth skeletal mount is from a juvenile sauropod nicknamed “Baby Toni.” Its cost is approximately $25,000. An additional $75,000 is being requested to build museum quality displays and educational materials to support the four casts and additional fossil materials already in the procession of, or currently being negotiated for, by the BHBDGM, hereafter referred to as “The Collection.”

The Board of BHBDGM will arrange for the acquisition of the casts and their associated displays and will oversee their installations consistent with national museum standards and current scientific thought. The BHBDFM will be the owner/stewards of The Collection.

By making a pledge you will move us towards our first milestone: the purchase of the world’s most complete Allosaurus “Big Al Two”. You would not be asked to provide your actual donation until the total of pledges equals the purchase price of the cast, although you are welcome to do so before that time. You will receive regular updates on the campaign, which will have five parts—one for each dinosaur we have selected for The Collection and one for the displays. Another key feature to this campaign is a risk management feature to protect the value of your tax-deducible donation and investment in our community. Should the potential partner(s) in the county not be able to provide a home for The Collection in a reasonable period, we could evaluate the option of selling the skeletal casts and refunding as much of your gift as possible or slowing the pace of the campaign to match the building’s progress. Should we not obtain enough pledges to make the intended purchase, donors would have the option of receiving a refund. All donations of at least $1,000 will be acknowledged on the associated display. Our first milestone is $100,000, and the total collection goal is $400,000. All gifts in this campaign go 100% toward the collection pieces and displays and only for that purpose. Overhead and administrative costs are covered by other fundraising or by the directors directly.

This unique approach is meant to help address a circular dependency between pursuing funds for a building and generating money to build a quality collection of dinosaurs and other fossils and displays to exhibit. Obtaining a grant for the necessary structure requires a floor plan and demonstration of viability. Currently, the Town of Greybull has launched its own capital campaign to provide the required physical space and commit to its maintenance. The space needed is 3,000 square feet with a ceiling height of at least 14 feet. This is best achieved by demonstrating we are making progress on the collection, have community support, and are working on displays on par to the standards of nationally prominent institutions. Accomplishing both in parallel, while minimizing financial exposure, is a priority.

Please consider making a pledge today. Donations can be in the form of cash, stocks, or cryptocurrency. Non-cash donations will be sold upon donation and valued at market. Donation receipts for tax purposes will be provided to donors. Donations via Donor Advised Funds are acceptable.


You are welcome to email or call at any time at or 307-765-2982.

Thank you for participating in this project.

Help Support Us

Are you interested in helping preserve the history of Big Horn County and the incredible creatures that once roamed our lands? Your generous donations make it possible for us to continue expanding our collection of museum-quality fossils and displays.

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